The Tremeloes – Here Comes My Baby: The Ultimate Collection [3CD Box Set] (2004)

Title: Here Comes My Baby: The Ultimate Collection [3CD Box Set]
Year Of Release: 2004
Label: Sanctuary Midline, Universal UMC [SMETD 139]
Genre: Beat, Pop Rock, Power Pop, Psychedelic Pop
Quality: FLAC (image+.cue+.log,scans)
Total Time: 03:56:22
Total Size: 1,37 GB

All Music Review by Richie Unterberger:

Although this three-CD, 82-song package may not have everything the Tremeloes did (and has nothing from the era in which they were the backing group for Brian Poole), it might be the most comprehensive collection of their work, unless someone actually dares to put out a box set of every last damned thing they ever cut. Needless to say, it's not for the casual fan, though it does contain all of their chart singles. Even considering that the Tremeloes were always a resolutely non-innovative pop/rock group that reflected rather than initiated trends, however, it can be a tough challenge to wade through all of this. First, there certainly is a quality gap between their big hits – especially the best of these, "Here Comes My Baby" and "Silence in Golden" – and much of the rest of their recordings, which were usually upbeat but fairly faceless period late-'60s/early-'70s British pop. Second, despite their prolific output, and despite writing much of their own material, not too much of a group personality emerges, other than an urge to entertain and please using the sunnier pop vocabularies of the day. Those willing to take the plunge, however, will find a pretty wide range of approaches that the group tried on for size at one time or another, some from quite obscure flop singles, B-sides, and LP tracks. There is, for instance, the sole Decca single they did on their own in 1966 before moving to CBS, a folk-rock cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "Blessed," and "What a State I'm In," the B-side of their second single, which actually flirts with fuzzy pop-psychedelia. Along the way you also get mediocre American soul covers; the lame Four Seasons knockoff "Shake Hands (And Come Out Crying)"; Swinging London mod pop with moderately ambitious lyrics; toe-dipping ventures into harmony psychedelia ("Suddenly Winter"); precious storytelling British Baroque pop ("Norman Stanley James St. Claire"); and cheery singalong numbers with vaguely tropical rhythms. As the '60s waned, there were some occasional more serious moves afoot, like their cover of Bob Dylan's "I Shall Be Released" (actually a minor U.K. hit), its pensive folk-rockish flip "I Miss My Baby," and the almost-tough heavy instrumental blues-rock of "Instant Whip." They never strayed too far from the easygoing path they knew best, however, despite other byways into '50s rock & roll revivalism, early John Lennon solo-like arrangements (1970's "Me and My Life," their last big U.K. hit), the surprisingly late-'60s Beatlesque rocker "Willow Tree," the Creedence Clearwater Revival-influenced "My Woman," and even some quasi-glam pop. Disc three, unfortunately, stretches out the time line a little too long, tacking on a few horrid tracks from the late '70s and early '80s, when the band remained conscious of chart trends, even putting on a disco beat. For such a bulky release, it's also unfortunate that this – like some other similar packages on Sanctuary (for the Status Quo, for instance) – includes only brief liner notes, and no information regarding on which specific discs the tracks first appeared.


01. Here Comes My Baby [03:07]
02. Blessed [03:00]
03. Good Day Sunshine [01:57]
04. What A State I'm In [02:22]
05. Run Baby Run (Back In My Arms) [02:39]
06. Silence Is Golden [03:09]
07. Let Your Hair Hang Down [02:31]
08. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever [02:29]
09. Round And Round [02:22]
10. Even The Bad Times Are Good [02:38]
11. You [02:32]
12. Shake Hands (And Come Out Crying) [02:23]
13. Be Mine [02:22]
14. When I'm With Her [02:19]
15. Gentlemen Of Pleasure [02:37]
16. Suddenly You Love Me [02:46]
17. Jenny's Alright [02:23]
18. Happy Song [02:59]
19. Negotiations In Soho Square [03:00]
20. Sunshine Games [01:55]
21. Suddenly Winter [02:23]
22. Come On Home [02:58]
23. Norman Stanley James St. Claire [02:41]
24. Cool Jerk [02:44]
25. Sing Sorta Swingle [02:15]
26. I'm With You All The Way [02:46]
27. Everyday [01:59]
28. Travelling Circus [02:39]
29. I Take What I Want [02:08]
30. Ain't Nothing But A House Party [03:12]
31. Rag Doll [02:48]

01. Helule Helule [02:52]
02. Girl From Nowhere [02:30]
03. I'll See You There (Album Version) [02:29]
04. You Don't Know Like I Know [02:40]
05. Show Me [03:11]
06. The Lion Sleeps Tonight [02:27]
07. Alley Oop [03:09]
08. My Little Lady [02:45]
09. All The World To Me [02:43]
10. I'm Gonna Try [02:41]
11. I Shall Be Released [03:31]
12. Reach Out I'll Be There [03:06]
13. I Miss My Baby [02:54]
14. Every Little Bit Hurts [03:53]
15. Hello World [03:25]
16. Once On A Sunday Morning [02:56]
17. Fa La La, La La, La Le [02:41]
18. (Call Me) Number One [03:46]
19. Instant Whip [04:37]
20. May Morning [01:55]
21. Hard Time [03:07]
22. All Pull Together [01:43]
23. Till The Sun Goes Down [03:17]
24. I You Know [04:25]
25. By The Way [03:03]
26. Breakheart Motel [02:21]

01. Yellow River [02:48]
02. Me And My Life [03:08]
03. Now's The Time [02:53]
04. I Swear [02:40]
05. Willow Tree [03:41]
06. Right Wheel, Left Hammer, Sham [02:46]
07. My Woman [02:30]
08. Hello Buddy [02:49]
09. What Can I Do [02:54]
10. I Like It That Way [02:36]
11. Too Late (To Be Saved) [03:16]
12. Wakamaker [02:59]
13. Blue Suede Tie [03:18]
14. Ride On [03:22]
15. Hands Off [03:29]
16. Make It, Break It [03:04]
17. Movin' On [03:31]
18. You Can't Touch Sue [03:03]
19. Story For The Boys [02:42]
20. Do I Love You [03:33]
21. Ging Gang Goolie [02:57]
22. Lights Of Port Royal [03:58]
23. Silas [03:37]
24. I Will Return [04:15]
25. Words [03:07]

The Tremeloes - Here Comes My Baby: The Ultimate Collection [3CD Box Set] (2004)
The Tremeloes - Here Comes My Baby: The Ultimate Collection [3CD Box Set] (2004)