The Cult ‎- Rare Cult: The Demo Sessions [5 CD Box Set] (2002) (LOSSLESS)

Title: Rare Cult: The Demo Sessions
Year Of Release: 2002
Label: Beggars Banquet
Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock
Quality: FLAC (Tracks)
Total Size: 2,56 Gb

If the extensive six-CD box set Rare Cult wasn't enough, Beggars Banquet followed it up with this obsessive item to end all obsessive items for Cult fans: a five-CD collection detailing all available demo sessions done by the band between 1986 and 1991. Clearly this was aimed only at those completely dedicated enough to want absolutely everything; being no fools, Beggars released it in a limited edition of 3000, sold by mail order only through its website. Packaged to resemble the earlier set, Rare Cult: The Demo Sessions makes for well over six hours of Ian Astbury, Billy Duffy, and various drummers and bassists working through songs and fragmentary jams. There's a number of songs on the earlier set that reappear here in their original context, but not so many as to make this a duplicated rip-off, thankfully. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing about the various sessions is hearing how the normally heavily and precisely produced band -- even in its Electric days with Rick Rubin -- sounds in a truly raw context, unadorned and exploratory. The Astbury/Duffy partnership has a charge even then -- if Astbury's singing is clearly rough and mostly there just to fill out the corners at points, he's usually hurling himself with gusto into the proceedings, while Duffy riffs, cranks, and roars just as one would expect him to do. On a fan level, the most interesting recordings might be the "jam" demos from 1989, eight songs' worth that feature the last efforts of original bassist Jamie Stewart in tandem, along with the only studio drum work of Matt Sorum with the Cult until the band's revival in the new millennium. The most flat-out exhaustive are for the Sonic Temple sessions, however -- two and an half hours' worth of takes and tentative efforts.

Seventy-seven tracks on 5 CDs, 51 of which are previously unreleased, all of which are broken down into three parts: The E.Zee Demos, The Sonic Temple Demos, and Demos 1986 ~ 1989 ~ 1991 (feat. Hot Night Demos, Jam Demos & Ceremony Sessions). Each part comes in a gatefold or tri-fold digipack case with a booklet containing extensive liner notes and artwork from the actual demo tapes. All digipacks fit into a larger cardboard slipcase. Most tracks are instrumental versions. Holy grail or overcomplete release; it's up to you to decide...

The Cult ‎- Rare Cult: The Demo Sessions [5 CD Box Set] (2002) (LOSSLESS)
“The E.zee Demos”:
01. Love Removal Machine
02. Peace
03. Zap City
04. Love Trooper
05. Angel
06. Tom Petty
07. Brown's Gone To Ausy Land
08. Babywalker
09. Surf Nazi
10. Groove Co. (Backing Track)
11. Oink (Version One)
12. Oink (Version Two)
13. Waltz
14. Blues One
15. Untitled (1)
16. El Progresso
17. Untitled (2)
18. Groove Co.

“The Sonic Temple Demos”:
01. Medicine Train (One)
02. New York City (One)
03. American Horse (One)
04. Sun King (One)
05. Automatic Blues
06. Yes Man
07. Zodiac
08. Fire (One)
09. Wake Up Time For Freedom (One)
10. Bite On The Bullet
11. Fred Divinyls
12. Citadel
13. The River
14. The Crystal Ocean
01. Cashmere
02. Edie (One)
03. Bleeding Heart Graffitti
04. Lay Down Your Gun (One)
05. My Love
06. Iron Star
07. Star Child
08. Wake Up Time For Freedom (Two)
09. Lay Down Your Gun (Two)
10. Medicine Train (Two)
11. New York City (Two)
12. Fire (Two)
13. American Horse (Two)
14. Sun King (Two)
15. Edie (Two)

“The Red Zone Demos”:
01. Ceremony
02. Full Tilt
03. Earth Mother
04. Crazy Hearted Lover
05. Friend
06. Wonderland
07. Bangkok Rain
08. Red Eye
09. Spanish Gold (Take Two)
10. White
11. Host Of Angels
12. Black Cat
13. Pre-take Jam
14. Northern Man
15. Auto

“Demos And Out-Takes”:
01. Angel (Lil' Devil)
02. Upbeat Track
03. Downbeat Track
04. Tight Lip
05. Spanish Gold ('89)
06. White ('89)
07. Track Four
08. Indian ('89)
09. Track Six
10. Track Seven
11. Track Eight
12. Spanish Gold (Take One)
13. Northern Man (Session Mix)
14. Host Of Angels (Session Mix)
15. Sweet Salvation (Session Mix)