Merzbow – Merzbient [12 CD Box Set] (2010) (LOSSLESS & MP3)


Title: Merzbient [12 CD Box Set]
Year Of Release: 2010
Label: Soleilmoon Recordings
Genre: Electronic, Noise, Ambient
Quality: FLAC (Tracks)/MP3 320 kbps
Total Time: 10:10:26 min
Total Size: 3,74 Gb/1,36 Gb

Merzbient is a boxed set album by the Japanese noise musician Merzbow, it is composed of previously unreleased raw material recorded 1987–90.

The original edition sold out within weeks of its release. Merzbow and Soleilmoon later announced that Merzbient would be reissued in an expanded LP edition.

Two sets of unreleased raw recordings, Merzphysics and Merzmorphosis, were released in 2012 by Youth Inc. This time featuring harsh noise from the mid-1990s.
The tracks were originally made as raw material for other releases and were not intended for release themselves. While working on cassette reissues for Blossoming Noise in 2009, Masami Akita rediscovered the original four track master tapes, and found that they could be considered "completed works of improvisation music" of their own.

When Merzbow started playing live internationally in the late 1980s, it required the use of simple and portable gear, which then influenced Akita's studio sound, leading to the harsh noise style he became known for in the 1990s. But he also continued to use junk and acoustic instruments in the studio for a couple more years, including a "big handmade junk instrument made from a metal box with piano wires" played with a violin bow.

"RBA" is an acronym of Right Brain Audile, a name used by Akita for his soundtracks to bondage films produced by Right Brain, the term appears on the Music for Bondage Performance albums. Many of the track titles were taken from the identification written on the tapes or their brand names. HD by Denon; AXIA by Fujifilm (some of which are label "For CD"); Capsule Cologne and UD II-S by Maxell. "Matehnas" was made as raw material for the collaboration with H.N.A.S. member Christoph Heemann

Merzbow - Merzbient [12 CD Box Set] (2010) (LOSSLESS & MP3)
1-1 RBA 1A (1989) 45:45
2-1 RBA 1B (1989) 44:36
2-2 Untitled 12:41
3-1 RBA 2B (1989) 45:59
4-1 RBA/Capsule Cologne Maxell (1990) 46:07
5-1 RBA 8B (1990) 46:32
6-1 RBA 8A (1990) 46:41
7-1 RBA 7+2 (1990) 31:29
7-2 RBA 7+1 (1990) 23:04
8-1 RBA/Maxell UD II-S 90 (1990) 30:07
8-2 Mixer/Scratch AXIA For CD (1990) 29:58
9-1 Metal4ch (1987) 43:10
10-1 Matehnas (1987) 30:41
10-2 1988DECsolo (1988) 23:48
11-1 9011 (1990) 31:17
11-2 Violinsolo89 (1989) 15:39
12-1 Gasstove4-90 (1990) 22:55
12-2 92288 (1988) 39:51