Merzbow – 13 Japanese Birds [13 CD Box Set] (2010) (LOSSLESS & MP3)


Title: 13 Japanese Birds
Year Of Release: 2010
Label: Important
Genre: Electronic, Noise
Quality: FLAC (Tracks)/MP3 320 kbps
Total Time: 13 CD, 12:02:05 min
Total Size: 6,11 Gb/1,65 Gb

13 Japanese Birds is a 15 album series by the Japanese noise musician Merzbow. It was inspired by Olivier Messiaen's Catalogue d'oiseaux (Catalog of birds), but has no direct musical relationship.

The series originally consisted of 13 albums released on a monthly basis from January 2009 to January 2010. They were also recorded one a month, and Masami Akita frequently revisited older recordings. It was also part of his then-recent return to live drums. Jenny Akita's cover art depicts illustrated birds on top of photographs. Each CD is limited to 1,000 copies.

The series was also available by subscription; as just the CDs, or with a custom-made bamboo box. Also available only with purchase of the box was an acrylic-on-bamboo painting by Akita himself.

In March 2010, Important released Ecobag/13 Birds in a Bag +1, this set included the original 13 CDs, a bonus CDR of additional material from the sessions, and a piece of original xerox art made by Akita in the mid-90s. All packaged together in a tote bag and limited to 200 copies. After the Ecobag sold out, the label released the Ecoblock or Bird Block in April 2012, with just the original 13 albums and a T-shirt.

In 2009, Important announced that an LP named Jigokuhen would be released to celebrate the completion of the series. Originally scheduled for the first anniversary of the completion of the original series (January 2011), but it was delayed until March. The album is the 15th and final volume of the Japanese Birds series, but is a stand-alone release.

CD 01- Suzume
CD 02- Fukurou
CD 03- Yurikamome
CD 04- Karasu
CD 05- Uzura
CD 06- Kamo
CD 07- Kujakubato
CD 08- Kokuchou
CD 09- Hiyodori
CD 10- Niwatori
CD 11- Shirasagi
CD 12- Tsubame
CD 13- Chabo

Merzbow - 13 Japanese Birds [13 CD Box Set] (2010) (LOSSLESS & MP3)