David Cordero – El Rumor del Oleaje (2016)


Title: El Rumor del Oleaje
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Home Normal
Genre: Electronic, Ambient
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 34:28 min
Total Size: 180 MB


1. Rio Salado - Conil (4:40)
2. La Casería - San Fernando (4:48)
3. Peine del viento - San Sebastian (2:54)
4. Ereaga - Getxo (4:16)
5. Hondartzape - Mundaka (4:01)
6. Punta del boquerón - San Fernando (3:34)
7. Faro de Trafalgar - Barbate (3:17)
8. Gaztelugatxe - Bermeo (6:58)

*The record emerges as a wish of wellness, the feeling of being at peace with myself and my isolation. All of us confront the sea in different ways, being that not all the waves are the same. That is the starting point for this work, to render through these songs the healing impact the waves have on me when I face them. That's why I went on board with my friend Juan A. Romero on a trip through different beaches between Bizkaia and Cádiz, searching water sounds that would broadcast the emotions and memories to immerse in them.

These recordings have dates, hours and specific tides. Each song is a beach, a story, a different wave. El Rumor del Oleaje is what you hear when you close your eyes and you can submerge in yourself. I hope you like it.