Art Farmer / Benny Golson / The Jazztet – The Complete Argo/Mercury Jazztet Sessions [7 CD Set] (2004)

Title: The Complete Argo/Mercury Jazztet Sessions
Year Of Release: 2004
Label: Mosaic Records
Genre: Jazz, Hard Bop
Quality: FLAC (Tracks)
Total Time: 7 CD, 07:50:32 min
Total Size: 2,9 Gb

The Jazztet was one of the best small groups playing hard bop during the early '60s, jointly led by Art Farmer and Benny Golson. This boxed set not only includes all six albums that they recorded for Argo and Mercury, but also features three sessions apiece led separately by Farmer and Golson. Farmer was in the process of making a switch from trumpet to flügelhorn during this time frame, while Golson's solid tenor sax was overshadowed somewhat by his impressive contributions as a composer and arranger, a primary reason the group is remembered. Their first session alone featured three of Golson's most lasting compositions, "I Remember Clifford" (showcasing Farmer's heartfelt solo), the exciting hard bop anthem "Blues March," and the funky, sauntering "Killer Joe." The Jazztet struggled financially and had quite a turnover among its sidemen during its two years in existence. Pianists included McCoy Tyner, Cedar Walton, and Harold Mabern; among the trombonists were Curtis Fuller, Tom McIntosh, and Grachan Moncur III. Bassists included Addison Farmer, Tommy Williams, and Herbie Lewis; the drummers were Lex Humphries, Albert Tootie Heath, and Roy McCurdy. Regardless of the edition of the group, their performances are consistently tightly knit, with numerous brilliant solos. The individually led dates are also noteworthy. Tommy Flanagan was the anchor to Farmer's rhythm section on the quartet session Art, highlighted by his moving interpretation of "I'm a Fool to Want You." Perception is the first record date in which Farmer played flügelhorn on every selection. Harold Mabern is the pianist on this quartet session, which includes Tom McIntosh's mournful ballad "The Day After." Farmer chose Oliver Nelson to arrange his big-band date Listen to Art Farmer and the Orchestra, which also features the leader exclusively on flügelhorn. Nelson's best chart is his adventurous scoring of John Coltrane's lush ballad "Naima." Benny Golson's individual record dates merit equal praise. In the seemingly trite concept behind the making of Take a Number From 1 to 10 (featuring Golson unaccompanied, then in a duo setting, trio, then all the way up to a tentet), it turned out to be one of his most memorable releases, with Farmer joining him only on the tentet arrangement of "Time." The quartet session Turning Point borrowed Miles Davis' rhythm section (Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, and Jimmy Cobb), with the group sounding at its most inspired during "Three Little Words." Golson's Free is another quartet session, with Flanagan, Ron Carter, and Art Taylor in tow. Golson's driving attack is the heart of "Just in Time," which he had previously recorded with the Jazztet. Although a few of the individual albums which make up this boxed set were reissued on CD, compilations omitted some tracks, and few of the reissues remained available for long. Mosaic has done its usual standard-setting job of putting together this limited-edition boxed set, with lots of session photographs and detailed liner notes by the very knowledgeable Bob Blumenthal, though no previously issued tracks were uncovered. Hard bop fans are advised not to tarry, even though Mosaic planned to issued 10,000 copies of this essential collection of the works of Art Farmer, Benny Golson, and the Jazztet.

Art Farmer / Benny Golson / The Jazztet - The Complete Argo/Mercury Jazztet Sessions [7 CD Set] (2004)
CD 01 – The Jazztet
01. Serenata (A) (Leroy Anderson)
02. It Ain’t Necessarily So (A) (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)
03. Avalon (A) (Rose-DeSylva-Jolson)
04. I Remember Clifford (A) (Benny Golson)
05. Blues March (A) (Benny Golson)
06. It’s All Right With Me (A) (Cole Porter)
07. Park Avenue Petite (A) (Benny Golson)
08. Mox Nix (A) (Art Farmer)
09. Easy Living (A) (L. Robin-R. Rainger)
10. Killer Joe (A) (Benny Golson)
11. The Cool One (B) (Benny Golson)
12. Blues On Down (B) (Benny Golson)
13. Hi-Fly (B) (Randy Weston)
14. My Funny Valentine (B) (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

CD 02 – The Jazztet
01. Wonder Why (B) (N. Brodzsky-S. Cahn)
02. Con Alma (B) (Dizzy Gillespie)
03. Lament (B) (J. J. Johnson)
04. Bean Bag (B) (Benny Golson)
05. Five Spot After Dark (B) (Benny Golson)
06. Bel (E) (John Lewis)
07. Milano (E) (John Lewis)
08. Django (E) (John Lewis)
09. New York 19 (E) (John Lewis)
10. 2 Degrees East, 3 Degrees West (E) (John Lewis)
11. Odds Against Tomorrow (E) (John Lewis)

CD 03 – The Jazztet
01. Junction (F) (Benny Golson)
02. Farmer’s Market (F) (Art Farmer)
03. Darn That Dream (F) (J. Van Heusen-E. De Lange)
04. Shutterbug (F) (J. J. Johnson)
05. ‘Round Midnight (F) (Monk-Hanighen-Williams)
06. A November Afternoon (F) (Tom McIntosh)
07. Tonk (H) (Ray Bryant)
08. Rue Prevail (H) (Art Farmer)
09. Richie’s Dilemma (H) (Harold Mabern)
10. Whisper Not (H)(Benny Golson)
11. Tonk (45 take) (H) (Ray Bryant)

CD 04 – The Jazztet
01. Just In Time (H) (Comden-Green-Styne)
02. Ruby My Dear (H) (Thelonious Monk)
03. In Love In Vain (H) (J. Kern-L. Robin)
04. Sonny’s Back (H) 4:04(Grachan Moncur III)
05. Sonny’s Back (45 take) (H) (Grachan Moncur III)
06. Space Station (I) (Grachan Moncur III)
07. Domino (I) (Ferrari-Raye-Plante)
08. Another Git Together (I) (P. Poindexter-J. Hendricks)
09. Along Came Betty (I) (Benny Golson)
10. This Nearly Was Mine (I) (R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein)
11. Reggie (I) (Benny Golson)
12. Another Git Together (45 take) (I) (P. Poindexter-J. Hendricks)

CD 05 – The Art Farmer Quartets
01. So Beats My Heart For You (C) (Ballard-Henderson-Waring)
02. Goodbye Old Girl (C) (R. Adler-J. Ross)
03. Who Cares? (C) (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)
04. Out Of The Past (C) (Benny Golson)
05. Younger Than Springtime (C) (R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein)
06. The Best Thing For You Is Me (C) (Irving Berlin)
07. I’m A Fool To Want You (C) (Sinatra-Herron-Wolf)
08. That Old Devil Called Love (C) (A. Roberts-D. Fisher)
09. Punsu (G) (Art Farmer)
10. The Day After (G) (Tom McIntosh)
11. Lullaby Of The Leaves (G) (B. Petkere-J. Young)
12. Kayin’ (G) (Art Farmer)
13. Tonk (G) (Ray Braynt)
14. Blue Room (G) (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)
15. Change Partners (G) (Irving Berlin)
16. Nobody’s Heart (G) (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

CD 06 – The Benny Golson Quartets
01. How Am I To Know? (K) (J. King-D. Parker)
02. The Masquerade Is Over (K) (H. Magidson-A. Wrubel)
03. Dear Kathy (K) (Benny Golson)
04. Three Little Words (K) (H. Ruby-B. Kalmar)
05. Turning Point (K) (Benny Golson)
06. Stella By Starlight (K) (V. Young-N. Washington)
07. Alone Together (K) (H. Deitz-A. Schwartz)
08. Sock Cha (L) (Will Davis)
09. Mad About The Boy (L) (Noel Coward)
10. Just By Myself (L) (Benny Golson)
11. Shades Of Stein (L) (Benny Golson)
12. My Romance (L) (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)
13. Just In Time (L) (Comden-Green-Styne)

CD 07 – The Ensembles
01. You’re My Thrill (D) (B. Lane-N. Washington)
02. My Heart Belongs To Daddy (D) (Cole Porter)
03. The Best Thing For You Is Me (D) (Irving Berlin)
04. Impromtune (D) (Benny Golson)
05. Little Karin (D) (Benny Golson)
06. Swing It (D) (Benny Golson)
07. I Fall In Love Too Easily (D) (J. Styne-S. Cahn)
08. Out Of This World (D) (H. Arlen-J. Mercer)
09. The Touch (D)(Benny Golson)
10. Time (D) (Benny Golson)
11. Street Of Dreams (J) (V. Young-S. Lewis)
12. Rain Check (J) (Billy Strayhorn)
13. Rue Prevail (J) (Art Farmer)
14. The Sweetest Sounds (J) (Richard Rodgers)
15. My Romance (J) (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)
16. Fly Me To The Moon (J) (Bart Howard)
17. Naima (J) (John Coltrane)
18. Ruby (J) (H. Roemheld-M. Parish)